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School of Music COVID-19 Policies

  • Following the guidance of public health organizations, UNI students, faculty, staff and visiting community members will be required to wear face coverings in all campus buildings.
  • Students and Program participants that play wind instruments are encouraged to wear face masks suitable for playing their instruments.
    • Woodwind Players
      • "Bags" for instruments and/or bell covers and encouraged, but not required.
    • Brass Players
      • Bring something to collect condensation from valves (towel, puppy pad, etc.)
      • Bell covers are encouraged, but not required.
  • Practice physical distancing whenever possible. The CDC continues to recommend maintaining a distance of six feet from others. 
  • All guests are required to conduct a self-screening before coming to campus. 
  • Please do not come to campus if you feel sick.  Contact your teacher and/or program director to notify them of an absence.
  • We are using 40% of the designated capacity of classrooms/rehearsal spaces to provide more space to spread out.
  • All teachers and directors have completed COVID-19 online training on campus expectations and prevention practices related to COVID-19.



  • In-person lessons will be available depending on instructor and studio/room availability. Please consult with your teacher on your preference of instruction, but be aware that space available for in-person lessons may not be available at your lesson time.
  • Students and teachers are asked to maintain a distance of six feet from each other.
  • Students are encouraged to wash their hands once entering the building, directly before your lesson.
  • We ask that families consider waiting in their car during a student's lesson.  If you wish to talk to your teacher, please contact them ahead of time to schedule a time to meet with them in person or virtually.
  • Last minute changes to time and location of in-person lessons will not be available.
  • Bring your own pencil and lesson materials to your lesson.  Teachers will not be able to share materials with students.  Please consult your teacher on what you should bring to your lesson.
  • Classrooms and studios will be cleaned prior and following each lesson.  Rooms will also be left unoccupied for a set period of time after each lesson.
  • Recitals and performance classes will be held virtually until further notice.


New Horizons Band

  • Members will have assigned seating, six feet from each other, including plexiglass partitions, with extra room in front of the trombone section.
  • Members are asked to not warm-up before rehearsal starts and to not continue playing after rehearsal has ended.
  • Please exit the rehearsal space immediately after rehearsal.
  • We recommend cleaning your music stand before and after rehearsal.
  • You will keep your case, and any other personal items, directly by your chair.
  • Masks must be worn when not playing (percussionists will wear masks for the duration of rehearsal).
  • Percussionists are asked to use their own mallets and not share mallets.