LessRussell Hall Exterioron Attendance & Make-Up Policy



LESSON ATTENDANCE AND MAKE UP POLICY: Students are expected to attend lessons on a regular basis. Teachers are not required to make-up missed lesson(s) when no notice is given.  Excused absences, where advanced notice is given, can be made-up during a mutually agreeable time, as a virtual lesson, or with a video lesson prepared by the teacher.

To report a student absence, please contact your teacher via phone or email (see teacher studio policy).  Refunds are not issued for lessons that the student cancels or missed. 

ALL IN-PERSON CMS ACTIVITIES ARE CANCELED IF THE UNIVERSITY IS CLOSED DUE TO WEATHER. Lessons will be offered virtually in the case of campus closure.  If the public/private schools are closed, check with your individual private teacher to determine if he/she will be teaching as usual, virtually, or to schedule a make-up lesson.


LESSON DROP OFF/ PICK UP: Each parent or guardian is responsible to deliver their children under the age of 18 to the appropriate UNI Community Music School (CMS) instructor and pick-up the student(s) at the appropriate times. Students under the age of 18 should not be left unsupervised within the School of Music buildings or outside the grounds for any reason at any time. The UNI Community Music School, CMS teachers or the UNI School of Music will not assume responsibility for your child should an accident or other incident occur while they are unattended. Ongoing safety is a high priority at UNI and we appreciate your assistance in insuring a safe environment for all.