Music Lessons

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Music Lessons

Private lessons are offered on an individual basis to beginning through advanced students. Lessons are given year-round and students may start at any time during the year. Music theory basics and the development of technical and musical skills are included in lessons. Recitals and performance classes are offered throughout the year.



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Group Piano for Adult Beginnerspiano keys

Have you ever wished that you took piano lessons as a child?

Do you wish that you had never quit taking pianos lessons?

Now's your chance to make your piano playing dreams come true in a fun, no pressure adult group class!

This course, for adults with little or no previous experience playing piano, provides an introduction to the fundamentals of piano playing. In a hands-on piano lab group setting, students will be introduced to the piano and music fundamentals. 

​​Class size is limited.



Kids playing pianos in piano lab

Music for Little Mozarts

Music for Little Mozarts offers a fun-focused blend of piano playing, basic rhythm/aural training, elementary music-reading, and music appreciation. This group class is an excellent option for the beginner student who is not yet taking private lessons, but is certainly not exclusive to first-time students! All students within the first year of study are encouraged to take part.

Class size is limited.