Tuition Information


Lesson payments are based on 32-weeks of instruction during the academic year, while summer payments are based on the amount of lessons selected.

  • During each enrollment period, students have the option of electing to make a one-time payment, or to make monthly payments for tuition.piano girls 
    • When selecting the monthly payment option, the total cost of lessons is divided equally by the number of payments, keeping each payment the same amount.
  • CMS accepts new students throughout the year.  If registering after the year/summer has started, students will receive a pro-rated tuition amount.  Those making monthly payments will pay the pro-rated cost for the first month, followed by monthly payments that match the payment options listed on the pricing sheet.  
  • When selecting the one-time payment option, students will be asked to submit payment before their first lesson.
  • Recurring payments will be automatically charged to a debit or credit card.  Recurring payments are managed by the UNI Office of Business Operations (OBO).  
    • Summer: 2 monthly payments withdrawn automatically on June and July 1st. 
    • Academic Year: 9 monthly payments withdrawn automatically on the first of the month (September - May)

CMS Tuition Pricing and Payment Options


The Community Music School employees teachers who are current undergraduate students at UNI (UNI Student Teacher), and instructors who have earned a degree in music (Studio Teacher).

UNI Student Teachers are notated with an (*) in front of their name.  











Ukulele and Guitar




*denotes UNI Student Teacher



Partial scholarships for private lessons are available to CMS students during the academic year.

Scholarship awards are made based on the following considerations:

  • Information submitted on the scholarship application form.
  • Current account standing with CMS.
  • Availability of scholarship funds.
  • Student commitment, attendance and progress in lessons (For returning students)


Applications are accepted during the first semester of the academic year. 

Continuation of the award through the academic year is contingent upon:

  • Regular attendance at lessons. More than two excused absences may result in the termination of assistance.
  • Reasonable progress in lessons that reflects regular practice at home.
  • Current CMS account standing and history of timely payments.
  • Input from teacher evaluation at the end of first semester, assessing student commitment, attendance and progress in lessons.


Current awards are not automatically renewed each year. A new application must be submitted.


Scholarships are not available for summer lessons.  

Contact Heather Hamilton for information at or 319-273-2142 with any questions. 

Return the Scholarship Application to Russell 115, or email the application to, or mail to:

UNI CMS    UNI School of Music    RSL 142   Cedar Falls, IA  50614-0246