Group Piano for Adults

Have you ever wished that you took piano lessons as a child?

piano keys

Do you wish that you had never quit taking piano lessons?




Now's your chance to make your piano playing dreams come true in a fun, no pressure adult group class!


Benefits of Music Making


  • Encourages Creativity: Music affects our creativity through enhanced brain activity. This can inspire innovative solutions and evoke memories, emotions, and experiences—all powerful catalysts for ideation.
  • Elevates Moods: Playing piano can alter emotions through the release of serotonin and dopamine, “feel-good” neurotransmitters that provide the brain with positive emotions. It’s a safe and natural mood booster! 
  • Calms the Mind: People who make music, experience less anxiety, loneliness, and depression. It is great for mental health and clarity.
  • Fosters Community: For more than 300 years, the piano has been a staple of the home, bringing together families and friends, and strengthening communities with the power of music.


Piano for the Beginning Adult Piano Student


Welcome to Group Piano for Adults! We are so excited that you are taking this first step toward learning to play the piano. No former experience with piano or music is needed to join our classes, and you will find yourself in a very supportive environment that allows you to work at your own pace.

The beginning piano class is the perfect starter course to give you basic piano skills. We will work with students to support their individual musical goals while also covering the basics: note-reading, playing by ear, technique, and making a beautiful sound at the instrument. What you learn in the class has the potential to continue enriching your life for many years to come. We strongly believe that everyone should experience the joy of music making, and group classes are a great way to get started! 


Class Information

  • Meets Friday at 12:00-12:50pm 

  • February 3 - April 28 (no class March 17)
  • No prior piano experience needed
  • Cost: $240 per semester